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Medicine Hat Licence Centre
The Licence Bureau
The Licence Place

Your Source for Vehicle Registration Services

As an authorized Alberta agent, Medicine Hat Registries is your source for vehicle registrations of all types. Our experienced staff is here to help you through the process and answer any questions you might have. Please stop by one of our locations for more information.

Our vehicle services include:

  • Annual vehicle renewal

  • Commercial vehicle registration

  • Pro-rate services

  • Motorcycle registration

  • Antique vehicle registration

  • Off-road vehicle registration

  • Personalized plates

  • Veteran’s plates

  • Licence plate replacement

  • Duplicate registration

  • Vehicle exchange or transfer

  • Intransit permits

  • Out-of-province / write-off request form

Registration Expiry Month Chart

The following list indicates the letter(s) your family or company name begins with and the month in which your registration expires. If your company name begins with a number, the registration expires at the end of January.



If you are considering the purchase of a previously-owned vehicle, it is essential to learn the vehicle’s history so you can make an informed decision. While a CARPROOF report is not intended as an alternative to a mechanical inspection, it will add to the information you have regarding the value of the vehicle.

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